Good Life Innovations Ltd (Colour Changing Products) specialise in the sale of innovative products in the UK, Australia and South Africa, within the commercial, leisure and home market. In particular Liquid Crystal and Chromazone temperature sensing technologies that change colour.

We can supply a comprehensive range of Thermometer Labels, Ink and Sheets for numerous market sectors including medical, industrial, food and laboratory to name but a few.  We offer a combination of standard temperature sensitive colour changing products and custom designs produced to your specification that would enhance any business as well as promotional items.

Manufactured by the Global Leaders in Chromazone and Liquid Crystal technologies and involved in the advance of Liquid Crystal devices for over 25 years. This capability translates into exciting colour changing graphics that produce a wide range of application's, from the precision necessary to monitor human temperature, a forehead thermometer used in the surgical setting to the whimsical mood ring of the 60s.

Clients include NASA, who have used the technology on the Space Shuttle.

We are also keen to promote ecologically friendly materials. We can supply our room thermometer cards on paper that satisfies the requirements of the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC).  Our room thermometer cards can also be produced on 100% recycled, de-inked, post-consumer waste.

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We are Sole UK and Ireland Distributors for SolarActive® International. 
The leading supplier of products that change colour in the sun for stores, apparel manufacturerers, toy companies, shoe companies and tourist areas worldwide. Our products create fun, joy, smiles and lasting memories for children and adults of all ages. SolarActive® began manufacturing early in 1992.

With a combination of combined proprietary chemistry and the sun (UV) we can offer products such as tee shirts and toys that change colours over and over again when exposed to sunlight. SolarActive® are the world's largest mainstream retailer of merchandise and raw materials that change colour in the sun.

See our range of UV sensitive products including the new Colour Changing Nail Varnish/Polish in over 30 shades.

Our wonderful multicolour UV beads are a highly popular product and a great fun way to see the strength of the sun's UV rays.

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About Us
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